Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Group & ISS
Located in Chengdu Luxelakes Eco City, Luxelakes Cloudland
International Kindergarten is a top bilingual kindergarten
co-established by Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Group
Co.,LTD (Wide Horizon) and International Schools Services (ISS).
With a 16-year devotion to education, Wide Horizon brings into fruition
Wonder Mountain Education Management Group (Wonder Mountain).

A super high-quality modern campus is filled with the world's top-notch education resources for dreams, for learning and for giving children the 'Best for the best'. International Schools Services (ISS), is one of the oldest and most recognized organizations providing management and service to international schools across the globe. Luxelakes Cloudland International Kindergarten is notably ISS's only operation and management project in southwest China. ISS joins Wide Horizon in its endeavor to build Cloudland in a beautiful, natural setting, with diverse and international values to create a home away from home filled with warmth and welcome. A model highly unlikely to be replicated.
Luxelakes Cloudland International Kindergarten
Luxelakes Cloudland International Kindergarten
World's top-notch bilingual faculty, with a diversified and bespoke Curriculum
Access to global quality educational resources and to excellent Chinese and foreign teachers constitutes the cornerstone for us to bring pace-setting educational concepts and innovative teaching standards into effect. It is our aim to offer a curriculum that is insightful, enjoyable and motivates high quality collaboration between staff and students.
We want everyone at Cloudland to learn together, have fun together, and grow together.
Luxelakes Cloudland International Kindergarten is designed with the developmental and age-appropriate needs of it's students.
Our curriculum design and decisions are research based.

    A Day at Cloudland

    • I belong

      I can see my teachers waiting
      for me.
      Smiling and waving, ready to
      greet and welcome me into
      Hello, Ni hao, bonjour,
      Hola we say!
      Hop, Skip, and a Jump
      let’s go inside!

    • I am independent

      I put my bag away, hang up my
      jacket and take out
      my water bottle.
      The classroom door is open,
      inviting me in.
      There are interesting and
      curious things to explore.

    • I contribute

      Time to come together, to join
      as one class.
      Let’s have circle time.
      Let’s learn something new.
      Let’s sing, let’s dance,
      let’s talk, let’s listen
      and let’s do!

    • I learn

      Moving onto literacy time,
      it’s workshop time.
      We will listen to reading, share
      our reading, guide our
      reading, choose our reading
      and be in our reading!
      We will write some letters,
      write some words, write some
      notes, and write some stories.
      But best of all we will be
      authors, poets, illustrators,
      book creators and publishers!

    • I snack. I exercise

      What is next? You guessed it!
      Time for a snack! Yummy fruit so healthy!
      Then we can go outside to play, run, jump, and climb.
      Nature awaits us. It teaches us. It calms us. It connects us to Earth.

    • I count

      123 we begin. Some days we
      count during math.
      Some days we explore shapes.
      Some days we measure.
      There is math everywhere.
      Our brains are full.
      We work as a class.
      We work in a small group.
      We work alone.
      We do our best and our
      best is just right!

    • I lunch

      I smell it. Lunch is coming. Yum!
      Healthy, balanced and just the
      right amount for me to eat.
      I eat and then I get ready to
      sleep. My body is growing,
      and this is what it needs.
      My wellbeing is cared for.

    • I explore

      Animals, science,
      countries, people
      Ice, snow, sun, and fire!
      So many amazing things
      to explore.
      It’s UOI time where the world
      comes to me.
      Where I can learn, touch, feel,
      see, smell and taste
      The world around me.

    A Joyful Home Away from Home
    Luxelakes Cloudland International Kindergarten is a
    school sitting in the forest featuring 270° lake view and 200+ natural plant varieties. It is a modern campus
    endowed with state-of-the-art facilifies. It is a perfect
    environment for curiosity, exploration and creativity waiting to be explored, fully fostering children's love for learning.
    We value the environment as the third teacher. Our indoor
    environments create a warm, home like, environment. Our
    outdoor spaces are natural and are used regularly as an
    extension to the classroom as well as to teach children to
    appreciate the beauty of nature.
    Luxelakes Cloudland International Kindergarten
    Luxelakes Cloudland International Kindergarten
    Cloudland International Community
    We focus on holistic education of our children, In their preparation for the future world, children at Cloudland are to become lifelong learners that are creative, resilient, and giving.
    Upon graduation from Cloudland, children are more than bilingual and lifelong learners, they are the ones that cherish national self-confidence with global vision and an international perspective. All of these are achievable outcomes while learning at our Cloudland International Community.

    Children who complete the preschool session, if qualified, will be given the priority to study in Shenzhen Shekou International School and other international schools run and managed by ISS.

    Families seeking overseas study opportunities for their young children, will be provided priority pathways of application for the top 5 schools on the West Coast of the US.

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